"When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others."

--the Dalai Lama

A special thank you

In loving memory of S.A.D.--To Mom and Shirley, two very special women who made an impact in my life. I will love you forever.

To Dad and Donna--Thank you for your loving support.

To my best friend, Satish--Thank you for believing in me and boosting my confidence just when I need it most. You have been a genuine friend and someone I know I can trust and always count on.

To Francessca,my loving daughter--Thank you for  inspiring me. I know it's been difficult dividing my time.  I want you to know this is all for you so that someday you can be proud and say, "my mom was an author!" I love you more than life itself and always will. ~Mommy