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New updated edition June 2014


Piggie Wiggie's Great Adventure is a silly and colorful adventure. Piggie Wiggie the famliy pet escapes from her cage and goes on a hair raising adventure. Piggie experiences life outside of her safe surroundings where everything seems so strange, loud, and unusual to her. She hears sounds and sees things that she has never seen before. Piggie goes on a ride of a lifetime as she slides behind the wheel of a pink remote control Barbie car. She accidentally presses the button of the remote control and sets the wheels in motion. Piggie gets herself into some pretty funny, scary and unpredictable situations. Will Piggie Wiggie ever find her way home?


"This a charming story for young children, made even more memorable by the fact that Piggie 


New updated edition June 2014

Buzz is a dragonfly. A very large and scary looking one. Buzz begins every day by flying around the Irish countryside to visit his neighbors.
Unfortunately, his neighbors don’t appreciate his happy-go-lucky attitude. 

Buzz is lonely and wants friends so badly. Everywhere he goes people yell at him and tell him to go away. This makes Buzz very sad. He only wants one true friend. Someone who he can to play with and fly around the meadow. Someone to laugh and be his best friend. A big life changing event is about to take place and it will change his life forever.

Will Buzz ever find a friend? Will people ever like Buzz?


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NEWLY UPDATED EDITION Released May 11,2014

Baby Duck loves her grandma very much. Her grandma is in heaven now and Baby Duck feels very alone and sad. Her grandpa has a surprise for her and she is bubbling with excitement. 

What could it be? The big swimming pool he's been dreaming to buy? Maybe a vacation with the family? Baby Duck is about to discover the surprise and isn't going to be happy.

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Updated 2nd edition,2014


Lilly is sad. She wants to look like everyone else. She wants to have straight hair like the popular girl. She wants to sing beautiful like the pretty girl in school. She even wants to be a great dancer but she has two left feet.

Lilly tries to learn what she's best at. Maybe she's a good artist, or perhaps she does well at helping others. Maybe she has a pretty smile. She learns not everyone's the same and it's okay to be just me.


Reader's Favorite Review--
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

It's Okay To Just Be Me!! by M.J. Daley-Prado is a delightful story book for kids with a good message that teaches them to be happy with their own selves. Lilly has curly hair, but she wants to have straight hair like Sarah Nicole Hubert and be the most popular girl in the class. Though her mother straightens it out for her, it becomes curly after a while. Lilly likes to sing, to be a cheerleader and many other things, and her mother tells her that it is okay to be what she is. It is a beautiful story that teaches kids self acceptance and self love.

Kids will be able to identify with Lilly and her wishes, and her issues of self esteem and jealousy. The illustrations are bright and colorful and they breathe life into the characters and scenes, and take the story forward. Lilly is a lovable character and her apprehensions and fears are something that all kids go through in life while growing up. The book teaches kids that it is fine to just be what they are instead of wanting to be like others. The messages of self acceptance, self esteem and self love have been expressed convincingly by the author. The book makes a good bedtime story for kids and it also makes a good book to be used in classrooms and libraries for read aloud sessions. It can also be used for discussions on self esteem and self acceptance.



The relationship you have with your mother is one of the most profound relationships you will have in life. Sometimes anger, resentment and sadness from the past will harbor inside of you and carry over to other relationships. It can set the tone for how you function in this relationship and in other aspects of your life.

Borrowed Time is a true, honest, and heartfelt account of how a daughter's life changed after experiencing the death of her sister and later caring for her terminally ill mother. You can learn a lot from death. Validating one's life is what truly matters to a dying person. After reading her mom's diary this daughter was able to heal their tumultuous relationship. This is a story about communication, reconnecting, love, and healing from past relationships. Borrowed Time is a story that will inspire you.

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Update: Second edition 2014

Pinky is a girly girl, but she isn't your average next door neighbor. She's rough and tough and loves to play sports. Her favorite sport is karate. 

The boys in her karate class think girls are dumb. Pinky is determined to prove them wrong. The big State Championship Sparing Match is about to take place and Pinky has a plan. 

She's going to fight as the Masked Crusader. This is the only way she can prove her point. Girls are just as good at doing anything including sports. She's going to prove girls rule! Because they do.

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Pinky by M.J. Daley–Prado is an adorable storybook for children, especially girls who will love the character of Pinky and her boldness in doing things that other girls of her age wouldn’t dare to do. Pinky is preparing for her first big sparring match and she wants everything to be perfect. Though her name is very girly, Pinky is taller and stronger than all the other twelve-year-olds. She is a green belt in karate and tonight she is going to prove to all the boys that girls rule. Pinky fights under the disguise of the Masked Crusader but will she emerge victorious, since opponent Derek Donaldson does not know he is fighting against a girl? Who will be declared the new State Sparring Champion? The story is all about girl power and conveys a good message to young readers.

The book is delightful and Pinky will steal the hearts of readers with her bold behavior and self confidence. The illustrations are bright and colorful and they breathe life into the scenes and characters. The exercises at the end of the book are interactive and will help readers to look into themselves and discover their strengths; and they also give space for more discussion on girl power. The book is a good bedtime storybook for all parents and grandparents who have girls in their families, and its also good for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries.

The author gives readers a strong and feminine character who will motivate them to be strong and fearless. The story also teaches them to be determined and focused on the things they do to achieve success.



NEW VERSION, released--MAY 2014

Little Susie is sad. Something is most definitely wrong. Her mommy is sick and she doesn't know why. She overhears someone say her mommy has cancer. 

Desperate to find answers, she asks her grandma, "What is cancer?"

Grandma helps Susie understand what's wrong with Mommy and how cancer will affect not only Mommy's life but the entire family.

"Grandma, What's Cancer? written and illustrated by Mary Jo Prado is a unique children's pictorial book introducing young readers to the concept of cancer. Through the author's own personal experiences with the story's subject - cancer - she has written a light-hearted, compassionate book to help young children comprehend what their loved ones might have to go through when they have been diagnosed with cancer. The author turns a very scary, uncomfortable subject into a way to have a comprehensible, comfortable conversation with a young child to ensure they are fully knowledgeable and mentally ready for what their loved one will go through."

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Franny, Aaden, and Sally Ann love Christmas. Every year the family gets into the holiday spirit spending countless hours decorating their home.

Mommy proudly displays beautiful ornaments and hand stitched stockings for all to see. The children are excited about Christmas and knowing Santa will soon be here. But there’s more to Christmas than Santa and gifts.

There’s another reason why they celebrate Christmas. A bigger one—the reason of the season.

In this delightful story, Mommy shares the magnificent tale about how an angel led the Wise Men to the North Star into Bethlehem where they’d meet Baby Jesus. This baby would grow up to be king and help all humanity.

Christmas Star takes readers on a joyous Christmas unforgettable getaway.


"There’s always room in our house for Santa and Baby Jesus too. We celebrate God's love and wish the same for you. In our house,we celebrate both for this reason. This is why we fondly remember that...Jesus is the reason for the season.“

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